Hospice Foundation’s mission includes but not limited to: the importance of educating our communities about the value and benefits of hospices services.

Peace of mind about this inevitable span of our lives is a valuable commodity. Time spent learning in advance about the available resources in Jefferson County and imagining what resources you might want will set you up to be a better advocate for yourself or your loved ones at all phases of the hospice journey.  

Most of us wait until we or our loved ones have a life-threatening diagnosis before investigating critical end-of-life healthcare and comfort care services. 

Making decisions about end-of-life care, whether for ourselves, a family member, or a friend, is an easier process when we are prepared.  

In last month’s educational article, we introduced the idea that advanced preparation can make the End-of-life journey easier. When we fully explore the range of hospice services well before they are needed we can more thoughtfully ask questions and ensure thorough understanding of what might be involved. 

Finally, resources for caregivers are another important avenue to explore. No one should wait until a crisis arises to begin exploration regarding which organizations and services are available to provide support for exhausted family members or volunteer friends serving as caregivers. Often, as time slips by, these helpers can feel overwhelmed by the on-going demands of providing end-of-life care. These forms of support may take the form of a local support group or respite care.  

By spending some time now to find what resources are available in Jefferson County and imagining what services you might need, you can be a better advocate for yourself or your loved ones at each phase of the hospice journey.