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Dealing with Denial

Nearly all of us, at one time or another, have dealt with denial in our lives. Most of our denials are fairly innocuous to our daily lives. However, there is one area of denial that can put undue pressure on our families and friends. Talking about death is an area we all must face

Starting the Conversation

Finding new ways to talk about life (and death). Let’s consider a reasonable possibility: we experience an accidental injury occurring during a long-anticipated vacation. We have planned this vacation with family and friends, we have reached our destination and suddenly, we break our leg with a severe fracture. How it happens makes no difference: skiing,

Know Your Options

The Foundation for Jefferson Healthcare jointly with Jefferson Healthcare’s Hospice Program stress the importance of educating our community on the importance of end-of-life preparation, an eventual outcome for all. Addressing important decisions beforehand provides choice-certainty for you and your family during actual time these decisions have to be finalized. When facing end-of life care,

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